Videos and Audio

‘Talking Drums’ is a guitar duo constructed using drumming patterns from Nigeria and Ghana.

Each player has their own series of independent time signatures and bar lines that very occasionally coincide. The impetus for the piece came from the Hibernian Guitar Duo’s research project that encourages the incorporation of Bata drumming techniques into new works by contemporary composers.

‘Talking Drums’ was commissioned by the Hibernian Guitar Duo (Morgan Buckley and Eoin Flood) with funds provided by Philip Carne.

This is a film of the first performance that took place during a lecture-recital at the International Guitar Research Centre Conference in March 2016.


This was the UK premiere of the work, given by the Hibernia Guitar Duo at the 4th Annual Performance Studies Network Conference at Bath Spa University on 16 July 2016.
The work was based on the Bata drumming music of Yoruba Africa (Nigeria/Benin) and medieval composer Macault’s Missa de Nostre Dame. The work was kindly commissioned with support from the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama in Dublin.